Adeline Wants You To Worship Her Boots During Your Date Together

Boot worship is an action that those who enjoy domination/submissiveness are likely to engage in at some point in their fantasies. If you enjoy BDSM, or if you would like to try it out, then I’m the girl who wants to be there to help you fulfill desires for you.

I am a dominatrix and I wear boots of all types. My favorite pair are latex with extremely high heels. These are all the better to push you to do what I say…since those heels are known to pack a punch if they happen to hit the wrong spot. I also have a pair of shiny, lifted boots that are red. If these come out, it means I’m feeling exceptionally flirtatious and you’ll be expected to cater to my whims on the fly. Regular suede boots mean I am dressed up to go out…but I’ll be switching to one of the other pairs when we get back to your place.

Boot worship doesn’t just involve the wearing of boots, however. I do want you to listen and adhere to my demands, but this means my boots also need attention. I want you to stroke them while admiring them. I want you to use your tongue to wipe away any smears that happen to show up on them. I want you to kiss them.

If the above sounds a little out there, then you aren’t a true boot worshiper. You may like the BDSM aspect of a get-together with a girl like me, and that is just fine. Let me know this beforehand and the boots can just be a prop. Or, hire another escort through my employer. But if you ARE a true boot worshiper, then I want my boots to have as much fun with our session as I do. Boots symbolize strength and authority!

When we meet, I’d expect you to say hello to my boots, just as you would with me. I’d want you to acknowledge them often, and make sure you let them know you approve of their presence. If you adhere to this….well, we are in for a world of fun!