The Most Stunning Las Vegas Escorts

The ultimate experience while in Sin City

Benefits of Vegas Escorts and Call Girls

It’s probably easier to list the drawbacks of a escort than to list the benefits. You spend time with a beautiful woman. What else do you need? She can go back to your hotel room (heck, you can spend the entire time in the hotel room). She can be your date to a big dinner, she can accompany you to a conference. These stunning girls can dress up for comic conventions, they can give you the ultimate girlfriend experience. In short, she is the Swiss Army Knife of fun, sexy, and entertainment. If there’s something you need, Las Vegas escorts will be the answer.

And like a Swiss Army Knife, an escort service in Las Vegas comes in all shapes and sizes. Want a white girl with some junk in the trunk? We’ve got a BBW escort with your name on her. Always had a thing for Asian women? Why not a Japanese escort, or a Chinese beauty, or a Korean bombshell? There’s a look, ethnicity, talent, or personality that will absolutely match what you’re interested in. Especially in Sin City.

Like we said, it’s probably easier to list off the drawbacks than the benefits.

Sin City Escort Prices

Prices are going to vary depending on a few things. First, we wouldn’t recommend calling up and asking for “cheap escorts.” As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Now, some girls are going to cost less than others, but if you’re looking to avoid spending thousands of dollars, you’re better off just popping open the laptop and having yourself an evening (or an hour) of alone time and avoid any escort agencies. 

In terms of pricing for escorts, there are a few things to consider. First, girls just starting off will almost always cost less. This is because they are a bit less experienced and don’t have the client base yet. Having a lower entry point helps these girls build clients and repeat customers. It doesn’t mean they aren’t as good as the more expensive ones, they are just a bit greener. 

Come across a porn star escort? Yeah, that’s going to cost more. You might be surprised as to how many porn stars are escorts as well, but it is a high number. The thing is, you’re paying for the name. Like Gucci, it’s all about the branding. So don’t be surprised when the porn star costs more than the new girl.

There are also different prices based on services you receive. If the girl has to get specially dolled up for a comic convention, that might cost more. There are mix and match costs as well. Your best bet is to give us a call and discuss the different price points for the various girls, because escort prices vary.

Finding the Right Escort Girl

And finding the right Experience

We recommend two different methods for finding the right escort girl. The first method is to simply scroll over the different girls listed on our website, then go for the girl you are most attracted to. Yes, yes, it’s like picking out which ice cream you want from Baskin Robbins. There’s a ton of flavors and chances are, more than a few are going to catch your eye. Much like Baskin Robbins, there’s no limit, so order as many as you want (although we don’t give out free samples other than the pics you see, so keep that plastic spoon at home). 

On the other hand, you might be more interested in having a specific connection and going on a date with a girl that likes what you like or can provide you with a unique service. If this is the case we recommend giving us a call and we can help. Maybe you’re looking for mature Sin City escorts that are into bowling, or you want latina escorts that enjoy comedy clubs or hiking. Naturally, you don’t want to drag someone out on a hike when they absolutely hate physical activities like that. It wouldn’t be fun for anyone. In this kind of instance, we suggest giving us a buzz and we’ll go over our lineup with you and point out the girls that match your criteria.


Booking a date with an escort is a great way to relax and have fun. Call now to set up a session with a sexy woman.


When a date is needed, our escorts are ready to help. Contact us to set up a session with a beautiful woman now.


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If you enjoy boot worship, you’ll love meeting up with an escort like Adeline. She’s ready for BDSM with a kick…literally.


Finding a woman who knows how to provide companionship and conversation can be hard, but Brooke is there for you.

Choosing the Right Escort Services

We Always Give You A VIP Experience

The right escort service comes down to what it is you’re looking to do. If you want to avoid the costly strip clubs and have someone perform privately for you in your hotel room, you can book an escort stripper. Perhaps you’d like an intimate massage, such as a NURU massage, which uses a special lubrication that accentuates body heat. It allows a woman to massage your naked body with her naked body and her heat works much in the same way as hot stones (sounds pretty good, right?). You might be interested in some cosplay, both in the hotel room or outside of it. Want a bachelor party with escorts taking it to the next level? 

While you probably could go for one of everything, chances are you will only have a few hours with your escort, which means it’s best to decide on one, maybe two, services you’d like. If you’re stuck between a few different services, we can help. Especially based on the amount of time you’re looking to book the escort for. If you’re only booking an escort for an hour, having her dress up like Velma and walking around a comic convention probably isn’t worth it (by the time you get past the check-in the hour would be up). So we can help, if you’re not totally sure.

Tips For Hiring Escorts

For starters, don’t hire an escort at the bar, or even randomly on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s impossible to tell her motivations, and she might end up being a prostitute, which can get both her, and you, kicked out of the hotel or casino. You don’t want to do anything illegal in Las Vegas. We would highly recommend avoiding hiring girls from Reddit or from “independent escort” sites. Why? Because you have no guarantee she will look like the photos, or even that she is the one that shows up. If someone robs you, you have no recourse. With a professional service, we stand behind all our girls, and in Vegas, reputation is important. Once people have bad experiences with our girls our entire organization suffers. Nothing happens to the random girls on Reddit or other platforms. So we suggest only using a service such as our own. 

It should go without saying, but don’t hire an escort from the street. There’s no telling where she’s been, what her hygiene is. Everything stays in Sin City, except STDs. Try explaining that one to the misses. 

When you hire an escort, you are going to pay the fee shown on the website, and then when the escort arrives, you will discuss additional services you would like, and you will pay the escort directly for these add-on services that need to be discussed specifically with her. 

Lastly, just be nice, be yourself, and above all else (and for the love of god) take a shower ahead of time. Walking around Vegas in the hot sun can get you smelling funky without even noticing it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are escorts prostitutes?

Probably the most common question we receive. No, escorts are not prostitutes. The media loves to paint escorts as some kind of sex worker that politicians plow during late nights at the office, but that’s not how this works. An escort, as the name suggests, is just someone that escorts you. They spend time with you. That is what you are paying them for. It’s no different than paying a therapist an hour. With an escort you will pay a fee for spending time with her. 

Now, if the two of you end up becoming physical, well, that’s between you and her. After all, you’re both consenting adults, so you’re free to have fun together.

Are your services confidential?

100% We understand not everyone wants to let the world know of what they did in Las Vegas. So don’t worry. We will never call you, email you, or send you an invoice in the mail. If you are paying with credit or debit card we will tell you what it will look like in the bill. Don’t worry, it is inconspicuous. It’s not going to say “SEXY Independent Escorts You Don’t Want Your Wife to Know About” on the bill. 

We also delete your information once the date has concluded, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of data breach. If you want to stay in contact with your escort, that’s your choice, but the services are 100% confidential with us.

Is it safe to bring an escort to my room?

Of course. She’s just a date. Hotels aren’t gatekeeping who goes into your room.

What are the age restrictions for hiring escorts in Las Vegas?

18. 21 if you’re going to be consuming alcohol. But if you just want to spend time with an escort, the age requirement is 18.