Fun Is The Name Of The Game With The Right Escort

I’ve always been told I have an interesting laugh. It is so unique, people do whatever they can to try to make me laugh just so they can hear it. It is not an annoying laugh, don’t get me wrong. It is just….different. To me, it is just a laugh. I’ve had it my whole life. To others, it is bizarre, yet cute. I am not sure of the attraction really, but I will say, I have a client that goes out of his way to hear it as much as he can!

Our Dates Revolve Around Fun

This particular client tries to go on dates with me in spots where there is a likelihood that I will laugh. I have been to comedy clubs with him. I have gone to karaoke with him. We have gone to funny movies. We have tried sports that we never tried before. Going rollerskating together was a definite funny experience. Each of these dates has proven to get me to open up and laugh out loud without any restriction. That’s the types of dates I really love, and my clients really enjoy themselves when we do these types of activities together.

Pranks Are Always In The Works

The client that enjoys making me laugh tends to play pranks on me often. He knows I am a sucker for these types of events and that I will laugh when I realize that I was the target of his prank. I have gone shopping with this client only to find out that he had thrown some interesting items in my cart to discover when it was time to check out. Think condoms and a pregnancy test, or a roll of tape and a black hankerchief. Things that elude to activities that could be interesting for a cashier to think about. He’s hidden behind trees and jumped out at me. He’s dressed up in bizarre outfits and insisted on going out with me that way. The dates are always keeping me on my toes and keeping me laughing.

Laughs Will Lead To More

Laughter brings out the best in people. I try to have a smile on my face as much as possible. It makes others smile back and it makes you feel good about yourself. After our time out, my client likes to get serious. After all that fun, and all that laughter, there comes a time when you want to focus on each other’s feelings with intensity. My client knows when to lay off and get to work at making us both feel good. We usually start off with some lapdancing, lots of touching, and kissing. Once this begins, there’s no stopping us. Our dates always lead us in different directions and you never know what will happen. I like this mysterious part of our time together. We’ve tried so much together, yet there’s always so much more to learn about each other.