Book A Double Date With Two Sexy Escorts

Hello there! I’m Darci and I want to tell you about an interesting double date I had with a coworker. My friend, Ellie, also works as an escort. I was called by a man who asked me if he could set up a double date with me and a woman that I found to be totally opposite myself. He was talking about looks and personality. Ellie is this person. Here’s how our date went.

We Got Ready For Some Fun

I am a party girl. I love dressing up in outfits that show off my assets and I’ll make sure any guy around me gets a good look at what I have to offer. Ellie on the other hand, is quiet and reserved. She is the type that will dress presentable so you have to guess what she looks like underneath the clothing. One of us is blonde, the other brunette. One of us is tall, the other short. One of us is loud (that would be me), the other quiet. I think I had the selection for the double date absolutely perfect. I filled in my friend on the double date and we met up at a local restaurant to find out more about our clients.

Double The Trouble

When my client walked in, I had to look twice. There were two of him! He had brought along his twin brother. Oh wow, we were in trouble. How would we tell them apart? Well, it wasn’t all that hard to do because their personalities were totally different. My client enjoyed my loudness and wishes to show off whenever I could. Ellie’s date was just as quiet as she was. We were the perfect matches for these guys. We had a great dinner together and decided to go out on the town to a nightclub to dance. We stayed together as a group throughout this entire date, and we all felt like great friends by the time the wee hours of the night arrived.

We Brought It Back To Their Place

After the nightclub action got dull, we decided to go back to the twins’ home for a nightcap. They lived together in a large home. We decided to watch a movie and have some snacks in an entertainment room with surround sound an the largest screen I ever saw. We sat in pairs, and used this time to our advantage. I was all over my date and he responded right away. Ellie had her head on her date’s shoulder and I saw her whispering to him. They then disappeared for a while, so I am not sure what happened. I used this time to explore my own date since there was no one in the room….and explore we did! We had a blast and I felt like I was getting away with something I should be getting in trouble for. It was so naughty, yet so very fun!