Su Loves Singing And Wants To Show Off Her Skills

Hello there! Do you enjoy singing? Perhaps you aren’t a singer yourself, but you like listening to others sing. Either way, music is one of my favorite things ever and I want to share my love of it for you in some manner! I recently found out that I have a voice that makes men extremely interested in me. I went out to sing karaoke for the first time ever with a client, and it was one of the best dates I ever had!

My Client Asked Specifically For A Singer

While I had never experienced the thrill of karaoke before, I have sung in public in other settings. I was in chorus throughout high school and I was a singer in a local band for a while. So, yeah, I have experience. I never had the opportunity for karaoke though. I was always too busy and I always thought of that as something old people would do. Boy was I wrong!

I Showed Up Ready For The Adventure

I made sure I was dressed my absolute best because my client told me he was taking me to a local lounge. I wanted him to appreciate my appearance and I think I did the job well. I wore a short skirt and a cute top, complete with a pair of boots so I didn’t come across as too formal. I had my hair in a ponytail rather than all made up. I wanted to look respectable with that sexy feel still there. The way the guys were checking me out at the lounge, and the way my client kept wanting to touch my legs, I knew I did well with my choices.

My Name Was Entered And I Had So Much Fun

What does one sing at karaoke? Well, pretty much anything! I heard songs from all genres. The best part it wasn’t all old people at all! It was a mix of young and old, and we all got a long fine. I decided to sing something that hinted to my date that I was interested in more from him, but I bailed and did something easy instead. I Love Rock ‘N Roll by Joan Jett. I figured it was in my client’s genre and it would appeal to a lot of the people in the place. I was right. Everyone was singing along!

We Went Back For A Nightcap

During my performance I felt like a star. I kept pointing at my finger at my client when the “he was with me, yeah me” was sung. I think he liked that because we left as soon as my song was over. At his place, he asked me to sing the song to him again in private. I did, while stripping. What a fun time! We had a ton of laughs and then I ended everything with a massage for my client that made him relaxed and extremely pleased. I can’t wait to meet up with this guy again!