Make A Date Tonight With A Stunning Woman

Hello old friends and newcomers! I’m Susan and I’m an escort available to hire for dates of all types. I used to work on the Hill, meaning, I have plenty of experience with politicians on all levels of government. Here’s what I learned during this position.

I Was Young And So Ready

It was so exciting to be selected to be an intern for this position. I was an office worker and couldn’t wait to show off my skills to those who needed administrative work conducted. I made it a priority to dress professionally and was so happy to clock in day by day. The excitement level was extreme and I was right in the thick of all important decisions being made. I had an inside scoop pertaining to upcoming changes to policies. I also met so many prominant figures during my stay.

I Was The One Everyone Wanted

In addition to my skills on the administrative level, many of my superiors found me to be exceptional at listening. They would beckon me into their offices to talk to me about things happening within the government and they would ask me my opinions regarding these matters. I believe that having someone my age available to throw ideas to made a big difference to these men. I was happy to comply.

I Made My Superiors Very Happy

Who wouldn’t want a date with me? I am a vibrant young woman who is very easy on the eyes. My superiors recognized this and I basically had my pick of dates whenever I wished. There’s nothing better than being asked out almost every day of the week! I was able to cash in on some extravagant meals and plenty of entertainment opportunities. I made sure to go above and beyond when it came to date time as well. Each of my superiors was treated with ultimate respect, yet I made each one feel special with the attention I provided to them during our outings.

I Became Known As A Go-To Girl

Along with these dates, came plenty of time for intimate encounters. I love being with prominent men and I never turned down a chance at learning more about them in private. I was sure to provide my dates with the ultimate experiences so they came back for more. This includes some naughtiness that I tend to put into my dates to get me to move up further in the job chain. I admit it, I use my good looks and skills to move ahead. It didn’t fail me at all when it came to this internship! I used the power of persuasion to get my superiors to let loose and enjoy all I had to offer. This included strip teasing, lap dancing, sexy massages, bubble baths, and so much more. I do enjoy a good night out on the town, but when I get alone with a client, there are no holds barred!